Staff Wellbeing

Based on Andy’s highly successful postgraduate training seminar for GPs, this workshop will show you how busy professionals can use powerful visualisation, relaxation and distraction control techniques to enhance their effectiveness in the modern workplace.  This workshop is effective at all levels of an organisation and with Andy’s highly interactive training style it is a great programme for bringing different teams closer together.

You will learn:

• Why Staff Wellbeing is at the core of organisational effectiveness
• How to use the power of music, play and laughter for optimum health and vitality
• How to use breathing and centring techniques that top athletes and master communicators use to stay calm and focused in the most challenging times (Athletes call it the zone)
• How to physically, mentally and emotionally recharge for optimum energy, health and vitality
• How to use simple relaxation and visualisation tools for a good night's sleep and prevent getting headaches
• How to use the latest research on emotional intelligence to create balance in both personal and professional lives
• How to use powerful goal setting techniques to create lasting rituals of vibrant health and well-being
• How to distil the expertise of the world's leading wellbeing experts to support you in your journey

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