Speaking Keynotes & Conference Speeches

Andy’s presentations are inspiring, and more importantly, have a lasting measurable impact.  Famed for his contagious enthusiasm, Andy will work with your team to ensure that your event is a lasting success.

Fit to Lead (L.E.A.D.E.R.S)
In modern business, organisations are much flatter and leadership is required at every level.  British industry is losing approximately £13 billion every year through sickness absence.  This cutting edge keynote will give you some powerful tools from the world of business, and elite level international sport to allow you to be not only successful, but also fulfilled as a leader.

Staff Wellbeing
Based on Andy’s highly successful postgraduate training seminar for GPs, this keynote will show you how busy professionals can use powerful visualisation, relaxation and distraction control techniques to enhance their effectiveness in the modern workplace.  This workshop is effective at all levels of an organisation and with Andy’s highly interactive training style, it is a great programme for bringing different teams closer together.

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