Fit to Lead Workshop

In modern business, organisations are now much flatter and leadership is required at every level. British Businesses are losing approximately £13 billion every year through sickness absence. This cutting edge workshop will give you some powerful tools from the world of business and elite level international sport to allow you to be not just successful as a leader, but also healthy, energised and fulfilled.

You will learn
• How to use “The leader's mindset” and empower those around you
• How to instantly access your most resourceful emotional states
• How to maximise your levels of health and vitality and maintain balance in your life
• How to be motivated and driven towards your most important goals
• How powerful sports relaxation and visualisation techniques can help you keep your cool and focus in the most challenging situations.
• Why advanced communication skills are key to leadership success.
• The rituals that support consistent results.
• The power of the mastermind set and teamwork

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